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The Institute of English Studies is an internationally renowned research centre, specialising in the history of the book, manuscript and print studies and textual scholarship.
Our activities include providing post-graduate courses; hosting major collaborative research projects; providing essential research training in book history and palaeography; and facilitating scholarly communities in all areas of English studies.

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The Museum of Writing

The Museum of Writing is focused on matters central to the historical and theoretical understanding of writing from its invention to the present. The repository showcases materials housed at the Senate House Library at the University of London. It includes cuneiform tablets, hieroglyphics, Roman wax tablets, styli, quills, fountain pens, vellum, papyri, parchment, autographs, piano rolls and more.
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Dr Wim Van Mierlo

Dr Wim Van Mierlo

Wim Van Mierlo is Lecturer in Textual Scholarship and English Literature, course tutor to the History of the Book MA and a PhD supervisor at the Institute. He is also the Editor of Variants: the Journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship. Wim's research interests include textual editing, historical bibliography and book history, modern literary manuscripts, reception history, literary history and canon formation, the study of marginalia, reading notes and writers' libraries; migration and Irish literature, historical representations in twentieth-century fiction in English, and literature and photography.

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Yeats's Mask Book cover

Yeats Annual No. 19: Yeats's Mask

Yeats Annual No. 19 is another special issue in this renowned research-level series.

Yeats Annual is published by Open Book Publishers in association with the Institute of English Studies.