Visiting Research Fellows

The following is a list of scholars and their projects currently affiliated with the Institute:

  • Dr Rupert Arrowsmith (University College London) is editing Wiliam Empson’s The Face of the Buddha for Oxford University Press.
  • Dr Mary Coghill (Fellow, London Metropolitan University): research title: The Development of Roman Jakobson’s semiotic interpretation of poetic form and function with special reference to his axial model of the poles of language: metaphor and metonymy; and the application of this developed model to the construction of city poetics with reference to Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poetry.
  • Dr Emily Coit (Princeton University) is a specialist on the work of Henry James. The title of her project is 'Rare Discrimination: Literary Cosmopolites and the Problem of Liberal Culture'.
  • Dr Stephanie Eggermont (University of Leuven): 'The Aesthetics of Journalism: A formal and Thematic Analysis of the Work of Fin-de-Siecle Female Journalists'.
  • Dr Caroline Hamilton (University of Melbourne) is researching "Off the Shelf: the book as a Multi-Function Device"which aims to study and compare new practices of use involving e-book readers, such as the Kindle, Sony Reader and the iPad, with older forms and technologies of the book.
  • Dr Tadashi Kotake is a Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad, sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.  He is editing the Rushworth Gospels (Oxford, Bodleian MS Auct. D.2.19) on the basis of philological and historical research.
  • Dr Caroline Maclean (Queen's College Oxford) researches the way(s) in which the early twentieth-century vogue for Russia entered the story of modernism in Britain. Her book The Vogue for Russia: Modernism and the Unseen in Britain, 1900-1930 is forthcoming from Edinburgh University Press.
  • Dr. Colette Moore (University of Washington) is researching methods of textual organization in late Middle English devotional manuscripts.
  • Professor Susan Powell (University of Salford, Manchester) is working on a project ‘Mirk’s Festial: 150 years of book and language history’to assess its impact  within a rapidly changing religious/political situation and to analyse the forms in which it was disseminated.
  • Dr Antonija Primorac (University of Split, Croatia). Dr Primorac's research focuses on the literature of the long nineteenth century, contemporary adaptations and appropriations of ninetheent-century classics in film and fiction, and material culturee studies. She is writing a monograph on this subject under the working title "Neo-Victorianism on Screen: Imag(in)ing the Long Nineteenth Century Today".
  • Dr Susan Rudy (University of Calgary) is completing a monograph on "Poetries of Enactment:  Contemporary Innovative Poetry by Women in Britain and North America", which covers figures such as Nicole Brossard, Erín Moure, Lisa Robertson, Andrea Brady and Caroline Bergvall.
  • Dr Nicholas Sparks (University of Cambridge) is working on the MSS of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
  • Jane Wellesley (Independent Scholar) is working on a biographical project about her grandmother, the poet Dorothy Wellesley
  • Dr Aakanksha Virkar-Yates (University of Sussex) is completing a monograph on The Mysticism of Gerard Manley Hopkins which will be published by Ashgate.  Her study moves against the current tide of literary criticism in placing the nineteenth-century Jesuit poet within the tradition of Christian mysticism. She argues for the central influence on Hopkins of the "philosophical spirituality" which originates in the early Alexandrian school with Clement of Alexandria and Origen.