Visiting Research Fellows

Current Visiting Research Fellows to the Institute of English Studies:

  • Dr Tita Chico (University of Maryland) is the editor of The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation. She is currently writing a monograph: Experimentalism: Literary Knowledge and Science in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Her book argues that late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature allowed writers and their readers to imagine new possibilities for individuals and the worlds they inhabited by specifically addressing the structures of authority and objectivity that practitioners and advocates of early science were beginning to formulate.
  • Dr Mary Coghill (Fellow, London Metropolitan University): research title: The Development of Roman Jakobson’s semiotic interpretation of poetic form and function with special reference to his axial model of the poles of language: metaphor and metonymy; and the application of this developed model to the construction of city poetics with reference to Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poetry.
  • Dr Yuko Ito (Chubu University): 'The representation of body in Modernist England: Russian Ballet, body culture and primordiality'
  • Dr Lise Jaillant (Newcastle University): 'Cheap Modernism: Publisher’s Series and the Avant-Garde'.
  • Dr Rose Levinson (University of San Francisco): 'Contemporary Egyptian Fiction: Mirrors on the Arab Awakening’
  • Dr Elena Nistor (University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest): 'Towards a Gynopoetics of the Metropolis: Visions of London in 21st-Century British Poetry'.
  • Dr Aakanksha Virkar-Yates (University of Sussex) is completing a monograph on The Mysticism of Gerard Manley Hopkins which will be published by Ashgate.  Her study moves against the current tide of literary criticism in placing the nineteenth-century Jesuit poet within the tradition of Christian mysticism. She argues for the central influence on Hopkins of the "philosophical spirituality" which originates in the early Alexandrian school with Clement of Alexandria and Origen.
  • Professor Emma Volodarskaya (Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages): 'W. Shakespeare: Language and Creativity'
  • Dr Benjamin Ware (University of Manchester) is completing his monograph Modernism and the Ethical Turn.