Visiting Research Fellowships

The Institute of English Studies provides an institutional base for scholars actively pursuing research in London.

Throughout their period of affiliation, our Visiting Fellows can use the Senate House Libraries at the Institute’s expense and use our name as their contact and reference point during their stay.  Fellows will also normally be able to use office space with shared desk and computer in the School of Advanced Study.

Experience suggests that the scheme sometimes assists those seeking sabbatical leave from their own home institution. There is no restriction as to the period or subject matter, and all topics within the field of English Studies, the History of the Book, Manuscript Studies and Palaeography, Historical and Enumerative Bibliography, and Textual Scholarship and Scholarly Editing will be considered.  Awards are however rarely made in the area of modern or applied Linguistics. Successful applications demonstrate a clear link to the Institute's research interests and researchers. The duration of the Fellowship is normally 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Fellows are encouraged to participate as much as possible in the intellectual life of the Institute, and are expected to present a paper on their work in progress in one of the Institute's research seminars. At the end of their tenure, Fellows are required to submit a report [word] demonstrating the benefits and results of their visit.

A list of current Visiting Rearch Fellows, and their projects, is here.

Applications for visiting research fellowships are not being accepted at this time.