Research Fellows

Research fellows are established researchers with a significant record of achievement. In making awards, the Institute hopes that prospective Fellow’s engagement with IES will be sustained over time. Research Fellows are entitled to use of shared office space in the Institute, access to Senate House Library, an email account, free attendance at Institute events, and competitive access to a fund for travel/research expenses (currently up to £200 pa, subject to affordability and demand). In return, we expect research fellows to participate as fully as possible in the life of the Institute. This may include, for example, leading or contributing to IES research initiatives, applying for research grants to be held in the Institute, participating in the IES network of seminars and events, organising/attending conferences at IES, contributing to summer schools. We expect the Institute to be credited in publications and public appearances, and that Research Fellows should be physically present within the Institute as often as possible, contributing actively to the intellectual and research environment.

See below for the list of current research fellows.

Associate Research Fellows

Dr Jad Adams

Dr Karen Attar

Mr Alan Cole

Dr Marcus Dahl

Dr Nicholas Fisher

Dr Graham Foster

Dr Cynthia Johnston

Mr Paul Keegan

Dr Stoddard Martin