A Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of Heythrop College and of the Jesuit Educational Tradition

19 - 20 June 2014

‘For the Greater Glory of God and the More Universal Good’: A Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of  Heythrop College and of the Jesuit Educational Tradition

Institute of English Studies, Senate House, University of London

During the academic year 2013-2014, Heythrop College is celebrating the 400th anniversary of its foundation by the English Jesuits in Louvain in 1614.  To commemorate this notable anniversary, Heythrop College and the Institute of English Studies of the University of London are organising a conference, involving scholars from Britain and overseas, which will explore the character and significance of the Jesuit educational tradition, with respect both to the study of theology and philosophy and to science, letters and the arts.


Podcasts of the following papers are available:

Professor Maurice Whitehead, (Swansea University)

Professor Kathleen Comerford, (Georgia Southern University)

Dr Robert A. Maryks, (Jesuit Institute, Boston College)

Professor Nicholas Sagovsky, (Roehampton University)

Dr Guy Consolmagno SJ, (Papal Observatory)

Professor John Haldane, (University of St Andrews and University of Notre Dame, US)

Michael J Walsh (Heythrop College)

Dr Philip Endean SJ, (Centre Sèvres, Paris)

Professor Karen Kilby, (University of Durham)

Professor Paul Lakeland, (Fairfield University)

Paul Barber, (Catholic Education Service)

Dr Hugh Goodacre, (University College London)

Rev. Cyril Law, (Heythrop College)

Professor Michael Barnes SJ, (Heythrop College)

Dr Rowan Williams, (Magdalene College, Cambridge)

The following lecture text is available as a PDF:

The Hilda Hulme Memorial Lecture 2014: Professor Dayton Haskin (Boston College): 'The Jesuits and English Literature - John Donne and Ignatian Spirituality' 


Senate House, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU

9.00am Registration and coffee
9.20am Welcome: Fr Michael Holman SJ (Heythrop College) and Professor Warwick Gould (Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London) 

Professor Maurice Whitehead (Swansea University): The History of the College 1: Until the Move to Stonyhurst in 1794

Respondent: Michael J. Walsh (Heythrop College)


Professor Kathleen Comerford (Georgia Southern University): European Jesuits and their Earliest Libraries: Origins of the Heythrop Collection and its Contemporaries

Respondent: Professor Jill Kraye (The Warburg Institute, University of London) 

11.30am Refreshments
12.00 noon

Dr Robert A. Maryks (Jesuit Institute, Boston College): Jesuit Education and Classical Literature

Respondent: Dr Peter Gallagher SJ (Heythrop College)

1.00pm Lunch 

Professor Nicholas Sagovsky (Roehampton University): Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ: The Poet as Theologian

Respondent: Dr Michael Kirwan SJ (Heythrop College)


Dr Guy Consolmagno SJ (Papal Observatory): Jesuits and Science

Respondent: Dr Louis Caruana SJ (Pontificia Universita Gregoriana, Rome)

4.00pm Refreshments

Professor John Haldane (University of St Andrews and University of Notre Dame, US): The Jesuit Contribution to Philosophy

Respondent: Dr Patrick Riordan SJ (Heythrop College)


THE HILDA HULME MEMORIAL LECTURE (NB: open to the public and free to attend):

Professor Dayton Haskin (Boston College): The Jesuits and English Literature - John Donne and Ignatian Spirituality

6.30pm Wine reception

The Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, London, W1K 3AH: http://www.farmstreet.org.uk/default.php


PUBLIC CONCERT WITH COMMENTARY (NB: open to the public and ticketed separately at £15 per person)

Dr Peter Leech (Swansea University) and Cappella Fede: Public concert with commentary: The Jesuits and the Musical Tradition at Liège, St Omer and Other Continental Jesuit Colleges.

9.30pm End

Senate House, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU

9.20am Fr Adolfo Nicolas SJ, Superior General, introduced by Fr Michael Holman SJ 

Michael J Walsh (Heythrop College): The History of the College 2: From the Move to Stonyhurst to the Present Day

Respondent: Professor Maurice Whitehead (Swansea University)

10.30am Refreshments

Dr Philip Endean SJ (Centre Sèvres, Paris): The Reception of Ignatian Spirituality in Britain

Respondent: Dr Gemma Simmonds CJ (Heythrop College)

12.00 noon

Professor Karen Kilby (University of Durham): Is There a Jesuit Tradition in Theology?

Respondent: Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson (Heythrop College)

1.00pm Lunch (for invited guests)
2.00pm Parallel Panel Session 1

Beveridge Hall

A. Jesuit Education: The Spiritual Exercises, the Law and Political Economy

Chair: Dr Thomas M. McCoog SJ (Fordham University)

Professor Paul Lakeland (Fairfield University): Pedagogy, Paideia, and the Role of the Spiritual Exercises in U.S. Jesuit Education

Paul Barber (Catholic Education Service): The Development of the Pontifical Athenaeumat Heythrop College

Dr Hugh Goodacre (University College London): French Jesuits, English Political Economy, and a 'Most Remarkable Accident'

Chancellor's Hall

B. Jesuits' Work for Social Justice and Ecumenism. Examples from England, Egypt and Russia

Chair: Dr Dilwyn Knox (University College London)

Colm Ó Siochrú (Corpus Christi College, Oxford): A Kingdom "spiritual" or "prefigured". The English Jesuits, the Social Question and the Kingdom of God 1848-1914

Anthony O'Mahony (Heythrop College): The Jesuits and Eastern Christianity: The Encounter with the Coptic Church in Egypt

Stefanie Hugh-Donovan (Heythrop College): Jesuit Endeavour 'Pro Russia': An Evolving Ecumenical Understanding in the Quest for Christian Unity

3.30pm Parallel Panel Session 2

Beveridge Hall

C. Jesuits and Eastern Educational Traditions

Chair: Dr Peter Gallagher SJ (Heythrop College)

Kristian Girling (Heythrop College): Jesuits' Contributions to Educational Institutions and Influence among the Eastern Catholic Churches of Iraq in the Twentieth Century

Rev. Cyril Law (Heythrop College): The Jesuits and the 'Cicero of China': Ma Xiangbo (1840-1939) and the Development of Chinese Higher Education

Chancellor's Hall

D. Jesuits, Poetry and the Ignatian Tradition

Chair: Professor Jean Ward (Gdansk University)

Dott.  Elena Buia Rutt (L'Osservatore Romano): The Teaching of St Ignatius "non coerceri  maximo, contineri tamen a minimo divinum est". Women Writers in Comparison

Dr Aakanksha Virkar-Yates (University of Sussex): G.M. Hopkins and the Jesuit Emblematic Tradition 

4.30pm Refreshments

Professor Michael Barnes SJ (Heythrop College): Mission, Dialogue and Inculturation: The Example of Thomas Stephens SJ

Respondent: Professor Paul Lakeland (Fairfield University)

6.00pm Break


Introduced by Professor Sir Adrian Smith (Vice Chancellor, University of London) 

Dr Rowan Williams (Magdalene College, Cambridge): Liberal Education: the Jesuit Response to a Theological Imperative

Closing remarks by Dr James Sweeney CP (Heythrop College)

7.30pm Wine reception
8.30pm End

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