Current Students

Useful information for current students

IES students are part of an active and expanding postgraduate research community, and can discuss and develop ideas informally with each other and in an unrivalled range of interdisciplinary for a including seminars and at a range of lectures and conferences.

Term Dates

Term dates 2015-16
Session Dates
History of the Book Induction week 21 -25 September 2015
Term 1
28 September - 11 December 2015
Term 2
4 January - 18 March 2016
Term 3
2 May - 27 June 2016

University Closure Dates

Christmas 2015/New Year 2016
Thursday 24 December 2015 - Sunday 3 January 2016 inclusive

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IES and SAS Student representative committee

The SAS student representatives committee is an important resource for all students. It provides a vehicle for discussion with staff on issues affecting the student community including  facilities, teaching, assessment and resources.

The IES holds a meeting with students at the end of term to discuss any issues.

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Student handbooks

The student handbooks and other useful course information are available to download from the School's Study Online website

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Policy Documents for Students

Throughout the course of your study students will find it helpful to access various policies to assist with planning your studies and to fulfil the requirements. The most common documents can be found at: 

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Quality Assurance Framework

All students are subject to the regulations and procedures outlined in the School’s Quality Assurance Framework.

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Mitigating circumstances

Mitigating circumstances are the School’s descriptions of conditions which are unforeseen and beyond their control and temporarily prevent a student from undertaking assessment or significantly impair the student’s performance in assessment.

To make a mitgating circumstances claim please read the relevant section of your Student Handbook.  Guidance and forms are also available from the Registry Office.

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