The Institute of English Studies (IES), is an internationally renowned research centre specialising in the history of the book, manuscript and print studies, textual scholarship, digital editing and new critical approaches to literary history.  We offer postgraduate programmes, summer schools, and short courses. We host major collaborative research projects, provide research training in book history and palaeography; and facilitate new and emerging research in all areas of English Studies.

The Institute of English Studies (IES) is one of nine member Institutes of the School of Advanced Study of the University of London. The Institute started life as the Centre for English Studies in 1991 and became a Programme of the School of Advanced Study on its foundation in 1994. The University Council conferred institute status on 2 December 1998, and it officially became the Institute of English Studies on 1 January 1999. Since then it has grown to the point where it now runs over 50 events a year, including research seminars, lectures, conferences, short courses, and a series of international summer schools for six weeks each summer. In addition, the Institute runs major externally funded research programmes and post-graduate degrees.

Its mission is to:

  • Promote research in English Studies to academic communities in London, nationally and internationally
  • Engage with and support the discipline of English Studies through our work with the English Association and University English, and with partners such as the University of East Anglia and Newcastle University
  • Support Early Career English and professional development through our MA, Summer Schools, postgraduate programme, research training, doctoral training partnerships such as LAHP, our links with cultural institutions and the book trade, and our cross-institutional work in the School
  • Provide opportunities to support the research of scholars at all stages of their career through the IES Fellowship programme 
  • Support research communities in English Studies through conferences, seminar series, workshops and events, particularly in new, emerging fields of study and in the core areas of research in the Institute: texts & technologies; archives, authors, collections; and reading & interpretation
  • Contribute to the public understanding of research in English Studies, through public events and work with cultural institutions, as well as through the School’s Being Human festival and the work of the Professor in the Public Understanding of the Humanities, Sarah Churchwell

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