Death of SRF Professor Ken Parker

Monday 18 March 2019

The Institute of English Studies is saddened to announce the death of Senior Research Fellow Professor Kenneth (Ken) Parker. Professor Parker was born in George, South Africa in 1932. He earned a BA in English and Philosophy from the University of Cape Town in 1963 and completed the BA Hons (a postgraduate qualification) in English the following year. He was active in anti-apartheid student affairs and was, in his words: ‘the first black person to edit the university newspaper (on two separate occasions); the first black president of the South African Universities’ Press Association...[and] was vice-president of the National Union of South African Students’. Narrowly escaping police capture, he left South Africa in 1964, eventually settling in the UK, where he spent much of his career at the University of East London (and its predecessor colleges), retiring as Professor Emeritus in 1998. He published widely on South African literature, early modern literature, Shakespeare, and travel writing.

Posted, with permission, is his CV from 2010.