Middleton and Shakespeare

Friday 8 June 2012

This week's edition of the TLS features a letter from Professor Sir Brian Vickers writing in response to Maguire and Smith, in the issue dated 8 June 2012.

 Read Sir Brian's response [pdf, 128kb]

Macbeth Not Adapted by Middleton

In Thomas Middleton: The Collected Works (Oxford, 2007) Gary Taylor has claimed the Middleton adapted Macbeth in 1616, and was responsible for "about eleven percent" of the text as published in the First Folio (1623). I deny this attribution, and together with my colleagues Dr Marcus Dahl and Professor Marina Tarlinskaya have subjected Taylor's claims to close textual examination.

We present our findings in the attached pdf file, to which is added the page proof of my essay, "Disintegrated. Did Thomas Middleton really adapt Macbeth?", which appeared in the Times Literary Supplement on 28 May 2010, pp. 13-14.
Professor Sir Brian Vickers, FBA, 19 July 2010

Shakespeare's Macbeth
Title  type / size
Shakespeare's Macbeth [pdf,137kb] 3 September 2010
Disintegrated. Did Middleton adapt Macbeth? [pdf,82kb] TLS, 28 May 2010