New post - Lecturer in Digital Approaches to Literature

Monday 13 February 2017

The Institute of English Studies (IES), in the School of Advanced Study (SAS) at the University of London, wishes to appoint a Lecturer in the field of Digital Approaches to Literature. The successful person will have expertise in the technical skills essential to digital research, digital scholarly editing, expertise in any area of literary studies and a broad outlook across the whole field. The IES wishes to expand its provision in digitally-based scholarship which currently focuses on textual editing. We are looking for someone with new ideas to enlarge our provision and facilitate the work of others.  Areas of interest to us include the following, and candidates will be expected to have demonstrable expertise in one or more of these (which are listed in no order of preference) as well as being informed about digitally-based textual editing. 

  • stylometry
  • authorship attribution
  • ‘distant reading’ techniques
  • ‘big data’ approaches to literary/cultural history
  • digital publishing
  • digital preservation
  • machine learning
  • network analysis
  • topic modelling
  • visualisation

The deadline for applications is 4 April. [Note: the deadline has been extended.]

For further information about the post and how to apply, please click on the following link: