Frequently Asked Questions

Event Proposals

The Institute welcomes proposals for new conferences. Please submit the Event Proposal Form to the Events Officer. If you intend to propose a conference please first look at the existing conference schedule; note that we programme up to two years ahead, and a long lead-in time facilitates organisation, advertising and fund-raising. If you are a postgraduate student we will welcome your proposal, but we will want confirmation that you have the support of your department or school. The Institute welcomes collaboration with other academic institutions and is happy to run joint conferences. Please note, however, that the Institute must handle all financial arrangements associated with the conference.

If you would like to propose a conference, seminar, or other event, please fill in the Event Proposal Form and return it to or to the address below.

Institute of English Studies
University of London
Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

Event Timeline


Expense Claims

Expense forms should be sent via email (with scanned receipts) directly to the Events Officer. All expense claim forms must be submitted in Excel format only (PDFs, JPEGs or scans of forms will not be accepted). The IES will accept a computer signature or an email from a convenor in replace of a hand written signature.

Should you or any speakers experience any issues in filling out the form, please notify the IES Events Officer who will be able to assist, as well as pass your feedback to the Finance team.

Claims should be submitted as soon as possible after the relevant event, and all claims for an event must be submitted by Friday, 19 July 2019.

You can download the form here

Recording Events

Event filming/recording can be arranged, but written consent must be obtained via the SAS Event Recording License Consent Form. Recordings are edited into podcasts and uploaded to the SAS and IES websites.