History of Libraries Seminar

History of Libraries Seminar
5 June 2018, 5.30pm - 8.00pm
Great Hall, Lambeth Palace

Robyn Adams, Centre for Editing Lives & Letters, UCL

Katie Birkwood, Royal College of Physicians Library

Jacqueline Glomski , Centre for Editing Lives & Letters, UCL


New Perspectives on Seventeenth-Century Libraries
Robyn Adams (Centre for Editing Lives & Letters, UCL), `Donations to the Bodleian Library in the Early Seventeenth Century’; Katie Birkwood (Royal College of Physicians Library):  `Digging Deeper into the Marquess of Dorchester's Library’; Jacqueline Glomski (Centre for Editing Lives & Letters, UCL), `Religion and Libraries in the Seventeenth Century’.
This seminar will showcase some recent strands in research on library formation, both public and private, in the seventeenth century. These three short talks will deal with patterns of book selection and acquisition as revealed by individual practice and in seventeenth-century theoretical writing on bibliography. Our presentations – designed to solicit comments and questions from the audience – will include discussion of the potential for research on seventeenth-century libraries and the application of digital methods to this research.
Venue: This meeting will take place in the Great Hall of Lambeth Palace, Lambeth Palace Library, London SE1 7JU. 
Joint meeting with the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library. Those wishing to attend must send their names in advance to juliette.boyd@churchofengland.org, or tel: 020 7898 1400, not later than Monday 4th June.  Admittance not before 5.15 p.m. via the main gatehouse of Lambeth Palace. There will be a reception afterwards to mark the tenth anniversary of the History of Libraries Seminar.

Unless stated otherwise, all our events are free of charge and anyone interested in the topic is welcome to attend. Registration is required for all events. Please sign up using the booking form below.


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