Dickens Day 2019

 Dickens Day 2019
19 October 2019, 9.00am - 6.00pm
Conference / Symposium
Mary Ward House Conference Centre, Tavistock Place, London WC1N 9SN*

Bodies matter across the range of Dickens’s writings. In fiction, his characters are frequently identified with their bodily gestures and movements, such as Uriah Heep’s writhing, or Jaggers biting his forefinger. Bodies come in all shapes, sizes and permutations: from Joe the fat boy, to Krook’s combustible body, to the one-eyed Wackford Squeers, or the hook-handed Captain Cuttle. Bodies are the source of employment and even artistry: Prince Turveydrop teaches dancing, Alice Marwood sells her body, Jenny Wren models her dolls on live subjects, while Mr Venus articulates skeletons ‘in a manner that would equally surprise and charm you’. Bodies circulate, permeate and linger: Peggotty’s breath down the keyhole tickles David Copperfield’s face, while Phil Squod’s shoulder leaves a smear round the four walls of George’s Shooting Gallery. But bodies can be hidden as well as evoked by language: Estella’s first appearance is signalled by her candle coming ‘along the dark passage like a star’.

Jointly run by Birkbeck, Cardiff University, the Dickens Fellowship and the Institute of English Studies, this one-day conference will explore all aspects of Dickens and Bodies.

*Please note, this venue may not be fully wheelchair accessible. 

Please see the conference page for more information. 


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