Victorian Popular Fiction Association Conference

Victorian Popular Fiction Association Conference
19 July 2017, 10.00am - 21 July 2017, 6.00pm
Conference / Symposium
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Janine Hatter, Sheffield Hallam University

Chloe Holland, University of Manchester

Helena Ifill, University of Sheffield

Jane Jordan, Kingston University

Mr John Spiers, IES

Anne Anderson, Independent

Robin Barrow-Nichols, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Anne-Marie Beller, Loughborough University

Oliver Betts, National Railway Museum

Richard Bonfiglio, Sogang University

Anna Brecke, University of Rhode Island

Dr Susan Cahill, 

Eva Chen, National Chengchi University

Jian Choe, Independent

Matthew Crofts, Hull University

Catherine Delafield, Independent

Eleanor Dumbill, Loughborough University

Rachel Margaret Egloff, Oxford Brookes

Angharad Eyre, QMUL

Mrs Alina Ghimpu-Hague, 

Matthew Gibson, University of Macau

Silvia Granata, Independent

James Green, University of Exeter

Mary Hammond, University of Southampton

Elizabeth Howard, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Professor Louis James, 

Flore Janssen, Birkbeck

Jennifer Jones, University of Portsmouth

Irina Kantarbaeva-Bill, Universite Toulouse

Nicola Kirkby, King's College London

Joanne Knowles, Liverpool John Moores University

Barbara Korte, Freiburg University

Julia Kuehn, University of Hong Kong

Wen-lin Lan, Independent

Hiu Yen Lee, University of Hong Kong

Andrew Mangham, Reading University

Charlotte Mathieson, University of Surrey

Yael Maurer, Independent

Elly McCausland, University of York

Dr Alan McNee, 

Laura Monrós-Gaspar, University of Valencia

Nickianne Moody, Liverpool John Moores University

Lindy Moore, Independent

Professor Kate Newey, 

Carolyn Oulton, Canterbury Christchurch

Beth Palmer, University of Surrey

Jochen Petzold, Universität Regensburg

Christopher Pittard, University of Portsmouth

Frances Reading, University of Kent

Heidi Rennert, University of Victoria

Anne-Louise Russell, Independent

Terry Scarborough, Okanagan College

Nitati Sharma, Oxford University

Miss Eleanor Shipton, 

Kara Tennant, University of South Wales

Amara Thornton, UCL

Alisha Walters, Penn State

Catherine Wynne, University of Hull


  • Anne-Marie Beller (Loughborough)
  • Mary Hammond (Southampton)
  • Catherine Wynne (Hull)

The Victorian Popular Fiction Association is dedicated to fostering interest in understudied popular writers, literary genres and other cultural forms, and to facilitating the production of publishable research and academic collaborations amongst scholars of the popular. Our annual conference is integral to this aim and brings together academics with interests in Victorian popular writing, culture and contexts. The conference has a reputation for offering a friendly and invigorating opportunity for academics at all levels of their careers, including postgraduate students, to meet, connect, and share their current research.

Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • Textual travel: syndication (national and international), railway bookstalls, Mudie’s boxes, international/colonial editions (Tauchnitz), international copyright, piracy, serial publication / triple decker / single volume
  • Genre crossings: Realism, melodrama, sensation, detective, adventure, science and speculative fiction, fiction/non-fiction, high to low brow
  • Forms of communication: verbal, technological (telegraphs), written, epistemological, spiritualism, telepathy, mesmerism
  • Translation: languages, adaptation, cultural adaptation, Neo-Victorianism, intertextuality, metatextuality
  • Migration: transportation, immigration, expatriotism, diaspora, empire, race and colonialism, slave narratives, agency, freedom, dislocation
  • Tourism: Grand Tours, leisure cruise ships (P&O), watering holes, accommodation, sanatoriums, travel writing, holiday reading, the seaside, cosmopolitanism
  • Trade and commerce: money, speculation, business, postal service
  • Crossing boundaries: North and South, border controls, diplomatic exchanges, Europe, America, globally
  • Transport: trains, trams, buses, ships, bicycles, carriages, on foot (flâneur, voyeur)
  • Travel plans: maps, cartography, Bradshaw’s Guides, packing, travel diaries
  • Religious movements: pilgrimage, religious processions
  • Communication between the classes: class mobility, exploring other classes (Dickens, Mayhew, etc), reform literature
  • Communication between genders: Romance literature, secrets and lies, miscommunication
  • Education and transmission of knowledge: lectures, Working Men’s Clubs, conduct literature, temperance movement, pedagogical approaches, journalism, exposés
  • Movement and performance: travelling fairs, the circus, touring theatrical companies, cross dressing
  • Travels in time, space and place: histories, time travel, reincarnation, transmigration, space travel, journeys to the centre of the earth
  • Life stages: birth, ageing, death, crossroads, mobility and immobility
  • Digital humanities: travel and space intersections, network analysis, flow modelling, GIS-based research


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  • £80 Standard rate (no dinner)
  • £95 Standard rate (with dinner)
  • £65 Concessions rate (Students / retired / unwaged; no dinner)
  • £80 Concessions rate (Students / retired / unwaged; with dinner)

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