Writing Women: Reviving Kana Shodo (‘Woman-Hand’), a Forgotten Female Script
Lecture & Demonstration by Kaoru Akagawa, Master of Japanese Calligraphy

Wednesday 26 June 2019, 18:00-19:00, Senate Room, Senate House, London

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A rare opportunity to see an ancient female script—one created mainly by and for woman—come to life! Kaoru Akagawa, official Master of Japanese calligraphy, is the guardian of the script Kana Shodo. Noblewomen developed it to express themselves freely within the constraints of 10th-century Japanese court life. Women communicated using this beautiful syllabary for nearly a millennium, until the tradition was lost in the twentieth century.

To celebrate National Writing Day, the Book and Print Initiative has invited Kaoru Akagawa, designated Master of Japanese calligraphy, to tell the story of Kana Shodo. She keeps it alive today through a calligraphic technique she created to revive these ancient Kana characters for modern times. She will then offer a live demonstration of this script and her artistic practice at Senate House, London.

This is an Official Event of the Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020

Introduced by: Clare Lees (IES)
Convenor: Elizabeth Savage (IES)


Book and Print Initiative

London Rare Books School / Institute of English Studies

Senate House Library