London Shakespeare Seminar

The London Shakespeare Seminar, which has been active for over a decade, seeks to showcase work in progress in the study of Shakespeare and early modern theatre, offering an environment which is open, welcoming, critically rigorous and expressive of the contemporary state of play in our field. We welcome everyone engaged with the field from student to professor –anyone with an interest in the critical study of Shakespeare and early modern drama from across the UK and beyond. Our speakers are a blend of established and junior researchers from UK and non-UK institutions: we try whenever possible to invite non-UK-based speakers as and when we learn they are passing through London. All are welcome – not only to the seminar but also to the socialising that follows.


Hannah Crawforth, John Lavagnino, Sarah Lewis, Gordon McMullan, Sonia Massai, Lucy Munro, Elizabeth Scott-Baumann, Daniel Smith and Ann Thompson (London Shakespeare Centre, King’s College London), Farah Karim-Cooper (Shakespeare’s Globe), Clare McManus (University of Roehampton), Eric Langley (UCL), Gillian Woods (Birkbeck, University of London), Jennifer Young (University of Greenwich), Iman Sheehah (Brunel, University of London), Abi Shinn (Goldsmiths, University of London).

Seminar Programme:

All seminars begin at 17:15 and end at 19:00

October 5th - Editing, performing, printing

  • Andrea Stevens (University of Illinois): ‘Classifying, Editing, and Performing William Heminge’s The Fatal Contract
  • Jennifer Richards (Newcastle University): ‘The idea of the sounded book: rethinking print in early modern England’

Watch a recording of this event here.

November 2nd - Eco-criticism and animal studies

  • Todd Borlik (Univeristy of Huddersfield): 'Timon of Athens, The Scottish Gold Rush, and the Folio's Gold as Vibrant Matter'
  • Rebecca Ann Bach (University of Alabama): ‘Clocks and Cocks in Shakespeare: Time in the Creaturely World’

Watch a recording of this event here.

December 14th - Theatricality 

  • Erika Lin (CUNY): ‘Festive Friars: Embodied Performance Beyond Drama’
  • Noemie Ndiaye (University of Chicago): ‘Scripts of Blackness: Race and Body Language on the Early Modern Stage.’

January 11th - Disability studies 

This pair of talks will model the ways that core and emerging concepts in disability studies enable innovative approaches to reading and staging early modern drama. Each paper begins with an idea grounded in disability studies methods—the problem of proof (Row-Heyveld) and the technology of touch (Chess)—and works to show how those ideas and strategies might be put to work to enrich and complicate early modern performance studies. 

  • Simone Chess (Wayne State University, USA): 'Feeling Statues and the Technology of Touch'
  • Lindsey Row-Heyveld (Luther College, USA): 'Troilus and Cressida and the Problem of Proof'

February 8th -  Textual studies / book history

  • Claire Bourne (Penn State University USA): 'Collection / Collation / Codex: Edward Capell's Shakespeare'
  • Emma Depledge (Universite de Neuchatel): 'Late Seventeenth-Century Shakespeare: Playlets, Pirates and Popularity'

February 22nd - Critical race studies

  • Ian Smith (Lafayette College): ‘Black Hamlet’
  • Carol Mejia-LaPerle (Wright State University): “How does it feel to be a problem?”: Race, Affect, and Ill-Will

March 8th - Pasts and Futures

  • Kristine Johanson (University of Amsterdam): ‘"Make High Majesty Look Like Itself": Nostalgia’s Necessary Futures in the Shakespearean History Play'
  • J. K. Barret (University of Texas at Austin): 'The Indistinguishable Renaissance'



Seminar speakers have included the following: David Armitage, David Bergeron, Philip Bird, Tom Bird, Mark Thornton Burnett, Sandra Clark, Katharine Craik, Brian Cummings, Rose Dixon, Michael Dobson, Jeff Dolven, Lukas Erne, Bridget Escombe, Ewan Fernie, Brett Gamboa, Suzanne Gossett, Margreta de Grazia, Helen Hackett, Jonathan Gil Harris, Margaret Healy, Katherine Hennessey, Peter Holbrook, Jonathan Hope, Peter Holland, Jonathan Holmes, Alice Hunt, Russell Jackson, Farah Karim-Cooper, Paulina Kewes, Jeffrey Knapp, James Knowles, Roslyn L. Knutson, Eric Langley, Douglas Lanier, John Lavagnino, Darian Leader, John Lee, Zachary Lesser, Sarah Lewis, Jerzy Limon, Ania Loomba, Russ McDonald, Ellen Mackay, Gerald Maclean, Clare McManus, Gordon McMullan, Laurie Maguire, Gail Marshall, Madhavi Menon, Alfredo Modenessi, Femke Molekamp, Joe Moshenska, Steven Mullaney, Lucy Munro, Fionnuala O’Neill, Lena Cowen Orlin, Reiko Oya, Joanne Paul, Amanda Piesse, Arne Pohmeier, Chloe Porter, Lois Potter, Laurence Publicover, Eric Rasmussen, Abigail Rokison, Kate Rumbold, David Schalkwyk, Sabine Schülting, Philip Schwyzer, Charlotte Scott, Alison Shell, Emily Sherwood, Michael Silk, Stuart Sillars, Quentin Skinner, Emma Smith, Simon Smith, Kelly Stage, Tiffany Stern, Preti Taneja, Gary Taylor, Ann Thompson, Alison Thorne, Evelyn Tribble, Katherine Schaap Williams, Elizabeth Scott-Baumann, Bart Van Es, Robert N. Watson, Rene Weis, Michael Witmore, Gillian Woods, Paul Yachnin, Jennifer Young, Tamara Atkin, Alexandra Bassey, Susan Bennett, Andrea Brady, Koel Chatterjee, Warren Chernaik, Neka de Costa, Line Cottegnies, Hannah Crawforth, Callan Davies, Matthew Dimmock, Gabriel Egan, Alison Findlay, Marjorie Garber, Adam Hansen, Tracey Hill, Sarah Howe, Lorna Hutson, Jesse Lander, Clare McManus, Alfredo Michel Modenessi, Andrew Murphy, Harry Newman, Claudia Olk, Sarah Pett, Elizabeth Scott-Baumann, Liam Semler, Laura Seymour, Abigail Shinn, Christina Wald, Clare Whitehead, Clare Wright, Andrea Stevens, Jennifer Richards, Todd Borlik, Rebecca Ann Bach, Erika Lin, Noemie Ndiaye, Simone Chess, Lindsey Row-Heyveld, Claire Bourne, Emma Depledge, Ian Smith, Carol Mejia-LaPerle, Kristine Johanson, J. K. Barret.

Image copyright: Shadowgate from Novara, ITALY (Pantheon) via Wikimedia Commons