Books and Pamphlets by John Masefield

1902: A1. Salt-Water Ballads

Salt-Water Ballads was Masefield's first published book. The collection of verse is largely derived from earlier contributions to periodicals. First published in 1902, it was reissued in 1913 and subsequently reprinted on many occasions. Also see Salt-Water Poems And Ballads for an American volume with obvious similarities to this book.

1906: A5. On the Spanish Main

Masefield's second historical essay. As with Sea Life in Nelson's Time this was also originally published by Methuen. The subject matter was one of Masefield's great interests throughout his career. The volume is dedicated to Jack B. Yeats.

1908: A7. Captain Margaret

Masefield's first novel, set on the Spanish Main. The 'experiment of novel-writing' was, according to Grant Richards, either the suggestion of Masefield's agent (C.F. Cazenove), or his publisher (Grant Richards). The novel is in twelve chapters.

1920: A52. 'Enslaved' and Other Poems

Although excluded from the trio of long narrative poems Masefield wrote after the Great War, 'Enslaved' nevertheless belongs to the genre. The poem tells of an abduction by Moorish slavers of an English girl to the harem of a Khalif and her daring rescue by her lover. Many of the 'other poems' are printed in volume form for the first time although 'Animula' derives from an earlier separate publication. Note that the American edition published by Macmillan is entitled only Enslaved on the title-page. Also issued as volume VI in the Macmillan Leather Pocket Edition of Masefield's Work.

1924: A75. Sard Harker

The first full-length novel Masefield had published since 1911, the novel is set in Masefield's fictional American republic of Santa Barbara. The tale tells of Sard's quest for a girl which he had only fleetingly glimpsed. The pair fall into the hands of a demonic mystic but are saved from torture and sacrifice moments before it is too late. The text is in four parts. Muriel Spark considered the novel allegorical and concluded it was 'a kind of secular Pilgrim's Progress'.

1933: A108. End and Beginning

A play in verse recounting the death of Mary Stuart. A brief reference in Letters of John Masefield to Florence Lamont suggests the play was first performed in the Music Room, Boars Hill in November 1932.

1935: A115. The Box of Delights

A children's novel (sub-titled 'When the Wolves Were Running') and the sequel to The Midnight Folk. The novel is in twelve chapters. The story tells of Kay Harker and his Christmas adventures to keep a magic box from the evil Abner Brown and his accomplices. The novel was reprinted with The Midnight Folk in a single volume publication in 1991 (see The Midnight Folk and The Box Of Delights).