Masefield Bibliography: Addenda and Errata

Corrections and Additions to John Masefield - The 'Great Auk' of English Literature - A Bibliography (Phillip W. Errington)

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A. Books and Pamphlets

1919: A49 Reynard the Fox

A49(b) First English edition (1919)

[‘New impression’]                               [first edition, second impression]                      Nov 1919
[‘New impression’]                               [first edition, third impression]                         Dec 1919
[‘New impression’]                               [first edition, fourth impression]                       Mar 1920
[‘New impression’]                               [first edition, fifth impression]                          Jan 1921
[‘New impression’]                               [first edition, sixth impression]                         Jan 1922
[‘New impression’]                               [first edition, seventh impression]                     Jan 1923
‘New impression’                                 [first edition, eighth impression]                       Jun 1924

1972: A172 The Twenty-Five Days

A172(a) First English edition (1972)
The note on page 558 should read:

The 1941 proof includes seven poems not present in 1940. These are:
[Untitled] (‘They marched over the Field of Waterloo,’)
            [Untitled] (‘In the black Maytime when we faced the worst’)
            [Untitled] (‘When someone somewhere bids the bombing cease,’)
            [Untitled] (‘Not any drums nor bugles with Last Post’)
            [Untitled] (‘O smiling, sun-burned youth who rode the sky’)
            [Untitled] (‘Let a people reading stories full of anguish’)
            [Untitled] (‘Ah, when the spirit knows the dewy dawn, the peace-time,’)
Only four of these verses appear in The Nine Days Wonder (where three have acquired titles):
            [Untitled] (‘They marched over the Field of Waterloo,’)
            Thoughts for Later On (‘When someone somewhere bids the bombing cease,’)
            A Young English Air-Man (‘O smiling, sun-burned youth who rode the sky’)
            When We Return Thanks (‘Ah, when the spirit knows the dewy dawn, the peace-time,’)


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C. Contributions to Newspapers and Periodicals

D. Privately Printed Poetry Cards

E. Published collections of letters

F. Anthologies

G. Commercial Recordings

H. Archival Recordings

I. Broadcasts

J. Miscellaneous

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L. Proof Copies


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