The London International Palaeography Summer School is a series of intensive courses in Palaeography and Manuscript Studies. Courses range from a half to two days duration and are given by experts in their respective fields from a wide range of institutions. Subject areas include Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, Early Modern English, German and Greek palaeography, illumination, illuminated manuscripts, codicology, diplomatic, manuscript editing and liturgical and devotional manuscripts.

Deadline for applications 1 June.

Course Overview 2018

Monday 11 June

Tuesday 12 June

Wednesday 13 June

Thursday 14 June

Friday 15 June


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A display of medieval writing materials, which includes the possibility of practical use of certain medieval items, will be exhibited during the lunchbreak on Monday 11 June 2018, and is open to all participants of the Summer School.


Please bring a pencil: pens are not allowed when valuable manuscripts and facsimiles are in use.