Fees for the London Palaeography Summer School

Fees are as follows: 

Standard Half-Day Fee (£50)
Standard One-Day Fee (£100)
Standard Two-Day Fee (£200)
Standard Three-Day Fee (£290)
Standard Four-Day Fee (£375)
Standard Five-Day Fee (£450)

Student Half-Day Fee (£45)
Student One-Day Fee (£90)
Student Two-Day Fee (£180)
Student Three-Day Fee (£260)
Student Four-Day Fee (£340)
Student Five-Day Fee (£400)

*Half-Day Course Fee: £50 (Standard) or £45 (Student).
There are 2 Half-Day courses on offer for 2019, on Monday 10 June. These are:

  • The Development of Penflourishing in late Medieval Manuscripts (c.1180- c.1480) (Dr Lynda Dennison and Dr Cynthia Johnston) - Half-day course AM
  • The Development of Border Decoration in English Late Medieval Manuscripts c. 1200-c. 1420 (Dr Lynda Dennison and Dr Cynthia Johnston) - Half-day course PM 

If you are taking one half-day course only, you will need to select the 'Half-Day Fees (Standard)' or 'Half-Day Fees (Student)' attendee option on the registration form, in order to be charged the correct amount. If you are taking both half-day courses these will be treated as one course when registering, so please select either the usual 'Student' or 'Standard' attendee option. 

Please get in touch with the Summer Schools Administrator if you have any questions (iesevents@sas.ac.uk

If you are allocated to a waiting list due to a lack of available space on your chosen course, please do not pay unless you have been notified that a place has become available.


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