Dr Dorothea McEwan (Warburg Institute) and Dr Claudia Wedepohl (Warburg Institute)
Full day - 10.00 to 17.00
Maximum: 10 students
Venue: Senate House

This German Palaeography class is a reading class. Its aim is to familiarize students with a number of different handwritings. A variety of texts (in photocopies) will be examined and read: private correspondence, official correspondence of German courts and the Habsburg monarchy, petitions by individuals, replies by authorities, appeals, etc., from the 17th to the 20th centuries. The course will be flexible in as much as it will be possible to present documents from different centuries and handwriting styles in order to suit the needs of the participants. It is therefore important to state on the Registration Form which particular research interests the applicant is pursuing.




- Karin Schneider, Palaeographie und Handschriftenkunde für Germanisten, Tübingen (3rd edition) 2014.

- Kurt Dülfer, Hans Enno Korn, Karsten Uhde Schrifttafeln zur deutschen Paläographie des 16.-20. Jahrhunderts, Marburg (13th edition) 2013.

- Karl Gladt, Deutsche Schriftfibel. Anleitung und Lektüre der Kurrentschrift des 17.-20. Jahrhunderts, Graz 1976.

Useful web links:

- https://www.ahigw.de/mehr/pal%C3%A4ographieseiten/

- http://www.kurrentschrift.net/

- https://www.univie.ac.at/gonline/htdocs/site/browse.php?a=2255&arttyp=k

- Beinert, Wolfgang, Typolexikon.de. Das Lexikon der deutschen Typographie (2001): http://www.typolexikon.de


Student Comments

Really exciting. First time doing German palaeography, and we certainly got a mental workout. Difficulty level was high, very challenging and interesting.