Prof. Anthony Edwards (University of Kent)​
Full-day, from 10.00 - 17.00
Maximum: 15 students
Venue: Senate House

Day two of two-day course or can be taken on its own. Day one details. 

This course is aimed at those who attended the previous day’s Introduction to Middle English Palaeography as well as at students with some experience of reading Middle English manuscripts desirous to improve their skills.  It will focus on Middle English scribal hands in literary manuscripts from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries. It will include further discussion of the procedures and protocols involved in transcribing Middle English manuscripts and will involve various exercises in transcription from facsimiles of manuscripts across the period, in verse and prose.

The opening session of the day will allow students the opportunity of first-hand examination of original Middle English manuscripts in Senate House Library so as to consider scripts in their material contexts.


Jane Roberts, Guide to Scripts used in English Writings up to 1500 (London: British Library, 2005).

M. B. Parkes, Their Hands before our Eyes: A Closer Look at Scribes (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008)