John Coffin Memorial Palaeography Lectures

Calligraphy Tutorials 

Patricia Lovett is a professional scribe and illuminator using many of the techniques and materials used for the production of mediaeval and Renaissance manuscripts, including using quills, vellum and gold. She teaches on the following courses of the London International Palaeography Summer School; 1000 Years of Manuscript ProductionHow Medieval Manuscripts Were Made, Quills and Calligraphy, Illumination Masterclass

Take a look at her Calligraphy Clips here! 

Teaching Manuscripts Videos

Institute of English Studies PhD student Sara Charles, has some fabulous video tutorials on making parchment and illumination. 

Take a look at the Teaching Manuscripts blog and video tutorials!

Museum of Writing Interview

Alan Cole, collector of the Museum of Writing, talks to Professor Simon Eliot about how the museum began and introduces some of the earliest objects he acquired for the collection. To learn more about the Museum of Writing, visit the Research Project page.