Have a read of these blogs contributed by some our LIPSS tutors. 

Puzzle Books

by Clare Lees

Early medieval manuscripts are puzzle books; they invite and reward response. 

Lindisfarne Gospels

Introducing the Book of Kells

by Carol Farr

A super-star attraction of Trinity College Dublin, the Book of Kells is known to many people across the globe. Besides being a recognisable emblem of Irish culture, it is a complex object.


Why I Got Into Palaeography 

Compiled by Laura Cleaver, contributions by Debby Banham, Colleen Curran, Patricia Lovett, Claudia Wedepohl and Katherine Hindley

Our London International Palaeography Summer School (LIPSS) tutors offer specialized training in a wide variety of subjects, but they share a love of manuscripts. Here five of the team tell us about why they are passionate about palaeography and how they got into studying it.

Unreadable Rolls

by Katherine Hindley

Anyone who has worked with manuscripts will know the feeling of trying to puzzle out an unreadable word.  But sometimes the words in manuscripts weren’t intended to be read.