A History of Paper

This new course for 2018 will cover the following:

  • Introduction: pre-paper situation in Britain and introduction of papermaking into Britain in 1400s.
  • How people were trained to make paper by hand, and the supporting work of other employees.
  • Examples from a paper mill over four generations of one family. (Dr. Maureen Green)
  • Strong influence of European paper makers’ and their customs.   (Dr. Jean Stirk)
  • The introduction and use of watermarks; interpretation of very old watermarks. (Peter Bower, known worldwide for his expertise)
  • Work on damaged old books and interpretation. ( Irene Campden. Senior Conservator, particularly Queen’s papers, Windsor Castle)
  • Development of machine-made paper post 1800. ( Phil Crockett, Senior Manager. Checking company)
  • Visit to paper mill to see machine production of modern translucent papers.
  • Visit to a conservation unit

More information to follow.