Student testimonials

The following comments are taken from the student feedback forms from the 2018 and 2019 Summer Schools.

On the standard of teaching:

- "Excellent! It was such an honor to hear talks from such esteemed scholars." 

- "Absolutely superb. It could not have been better. Inspirational!"

- "Excellent. It is fabulous for me to have classes with the most influential scholars in the field and to see so many original mauscripts."

- "Every day was interesting and it has expanded my field of knowledge and generated many interesting idea for further research."

- "Simply wonderful!"

- "All of the treaching was outstanding: interesting, stimulating, innovative."

On the coverage of subjects and specialisation:

-"The study week covered such a wide array of subjects! I felt like we got such a variety and blaance of everything Bronte."

- "A really rich range of topics and specialities. All of the lectures covered unique ground."

- "Very comprehensive and good variety. This was such a rich experience and great to have access to such renowned scholars and experts. The camraderie of the group was great and was established quickly."

- "The coverage of subjects as well as the specialisations were exemplary- not least becuase they offer interesting options for future research."

- "Interesting specialisms including emerging and developing scholarship whch is always stimulating"

On facilities and hospitality:

- "The welcoming atmosphere was exceptionally gratifying."

- "Good catering support made the focus of each day pleasant and sustaining."

- "Very good, well presented meals with sensitive attention to specialist dietary needs"