The Summer School lectures will be held in and around Senate House, which is next to Russell Square.

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There are coach trips to sites of the Four Quartets: Little Gidding and Burnt Norton. The coaches depart from International Hall.

The programme also includes optional walking tours around Bloomsbury.


The University's International Hall is the primary accommodation venue for the School. International Hall is also the point of departure for the trips to Little Gidding and Burnt Norton. International Hall is a 5-8 minute walk to Senate House, is near the Russell Square Tube Station, has an inexpensive restaurant and bar, and is in an attractive area of parks, shops, and restaurants in the nearby Brunswick Centre.

All booking arrangements must be made with the hall directly

single £43, double studio £80

International Hall,
Lansdowne Terrace,
London, WC1N 1AS
tel.: 0207-822-3000
fax: 0207-278-9720

Participants wishing to stay in the halls of residence should make reservations at the earliest opportunity.

For a full list of the halls of residence and hotels in the area e.g. The Tavistock Hotel, President's Hotel, Goodenough Club etc. please have a look at the various suggestions available on our accommodation page.

Personal Safety

London is one of the most interesting and vibrant capital cities in the world; it is also one of the safest. However, as in any large, busy city, crime is a problem so you do need to take care about personal safety and looking after your belongings. Being so centrally located, the area surrounding the University of London is susceptible to crime and in particular suffers from a disproportionately high level of rough sleepers, beggars and drug misusers/dealers. ‘Personal Safety – a Quick Guide’ [Word, 36kb] gives useful advice and tips on how to stay safe.