Ms Patricia Lovett (Professional scribe and illuminator) 
Full day - from 10.00 to 17.00
Maximum: 16 students
Venue: Senate House Library

This course has an additional cost of £7

This is a practical course where students will learn calligraphy and concentrate on Gothic Textura (Black Letter) script. The techniques of letter formation and combining letters into words will be covered. Cutting a quill will be demonstrated and each student will cut their own quill, use it to write on vellum and take it home.

Student Comments

The course was accessible to me as a complete beginner, yet tightly packed and deliciously challenging. I leave today feeling I have learned a lot and have been given a wealth of material to further my calligraphy skills. Patricia was knowledgeable, hands-on and enthusiastic. She provided a superb level of guidance and was helpful with all questions the group had.

Broad and complete coverage of mechanical procedures of Gothic letter calligraphy.

Patricia Lovett is a professional calligrapher and illuminator and works from her studio at Kent. She has written a number of books on calligraphy and illumination, and teaches and lectures all over the world.

Patricia was awarded an MBE in 2013 for services to heritage craft and calligraphy.