Credit Accumulation & Transfer

The Institute of English Studies (University of London) offers credit for LRBS courses.

In order to earn credit, a student will have to complete the course successfully, and pass a 5,000 word essay which must be submitted within two months of the end of the course. An extra fee of £150 per course to cover marking will be charged.

A full LRBS five-day course will attract 20 CATS M points. Students earning credit in LRBS should be able to transfer it to Masters programmes that they may be following elsewhere in the UK, Europe or the USA. Alternatively, students will be able to take further LRBS courses and build up enough credit to take a Postgraduate Certificate in the History of the Book (60 CATS point required) or a  Postgraduate Diploma in the History of the Book (120 CATS points required) from the University of London. These credits can also be used to gain advanced standing in the MA/MRes in the History of the Book* run at the Institute.

*NB. To use credit gained at the LRBS towards the MA/MRes in the History of the Book, students will have to apply to this degree via the School's formal application procedure.

Guidelines for English Language Competency at postgraduate level.

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